Gino Engels

Gino Engels co-founded OTA Insight in 2012. The company has since grown from a small disrupter challenging an established marketplace, to a business supporting over 55,000 hotels and accommodation providers in 168 countries.

As Chief Commercial Officer, Gino is working with the hospitality industry’s most progressive innovators as well as established global and local players to deliver a suite of industry-leading technology solutions. He leads the delivery and continued development of OTA Insight’s product portfolio and is driven by the company’s mission to help the hospitality industry visualize and leverage its data.

Gino’s objective is to bring affordable revenue tools to market which enable hotels and accommodation providers around the world to implement a profitable revenue, distribution and marketing strategy.

Gino Engels

Co-founder and Chief Commercial Officer

Mobile (UK): +44 7800 831700

Mobile (US): +1 (929) 313 6339