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Find out what the leading the hotel tech providers & advisors have to say about marketing tactics & tools for commercial success.

Best Hospitality school in the world: Why rankings matter to EHL

In 2022 and for the fourth consecutive year, EHL Hospitality Business School maintains its world’s number one position in Hospitality & Leisure Management, and number five in Business & Management Studies in Switzerland (QS World University Rankings by Subject).

Best Sales and Catering Software - Must-Have Characteristics

The hospitality and gaming industries require specific functionality when it comes to sales and catering, and event management. The same goes for family entertainment centers like bowling centers, laser-tag spaces, and others.

Cutting Costs and Energy Consumption With Smart Room Allocation

SensorFlow’s SmartAlloc™ is set to revolutionize the hospitality industry with its energy and cost savings capabilities. SmartAlloc™ is an innovative, data-driven platform that helps reduce energy consumption by providing an energy-efficient room allocation plan based on known arrivals and departures drawn from the hotel’s Property Management System (PMS).

HITEC at 50 - The Changes Keep on Coming!

Believe it or not, HITEC – the Hospitality Industry Technology Exposition & Conference – was first brought to life in 1972, and since then, hospitality technology has come a long way. In fact, for many tenured hospitality professionals like myself, the key platforms of today are a far cry from the platforms of yesterday. Over the years, our industry has had an influx of digital innovation that has transformed experiences for both guests and hoteliers.

Would You Rather Clean a Toilet Than Call Customer Support?

That’s exactly what we asked more than 1,000 consumers for our 2022 annual customer service research report. The answer: 42% of customers would rather clean a toilet!

With Hotel Marketing Spend At An All Time High, How Can You Protect Your Top of Funnel Investment?

Planning a trip is no small task, and, in many cases, prospective travelers immerse themselves in destination and hotel research before making a booking decision. Studies show that travelers conduct an average of 33 searches and check 12 travel sites prior to booking, with online searches spanning two minutes to six hours. Research also indicates that this process can take 19 days or, for those content to take their time, up to 100 days.

Nobody Asked Me, But… No. 265: Hotel History: Asian American Hotel Owners Association

Hotel History: The Asian American Hotel Owners Association (AAHOA): The Asian American Hotel Owners Association is a trade association that represents hotel owners. As of 2022, AAHOA has approximately 20,000 members who own 60% of the hotels in the United States and are responsible for 1.7% of the nation’s GDP. More than one million employees work at AAHOA member-owned hotels, earning $47 billion annually and provide 4.2 million U.S. jobs across all sectors of the hospitality industry.

Traveling Without Moving: The First Travel & Hospitality Gathering in the Metaverse

In everyday conversation, when we refer to an event that happens "after" something else, we use the Latin prefix, "post." "Meta" sounds more exotic, but it's just its Greek counterpart. However, the Hellenic prefix is slightly more nuanced, as it also means "about." Metacinema, for example, is a technique thanks to which directors can create movies "about" cinema itself. Fellini's 8 ½ or Truffaut's La Nuit Américaine are perfect examples of this practice. Meta-search engines? Same concept: search engines that search on other search engines. That's what "meta" ultimately means. So, when defining a meta-universe (a meta-verse), we have to consider both connotations of the term: a universe "beyond" the one we currently inhabit and one that's also self-referral.

Do you have plans to make curbside pickup permanent?

The concept of buy-online-and-pick-up-in-store (also known as “BOPS”) is not new. The pandemic just pushed more restaurants and consumers to use mobile ordering for curbside pickup services.

The Hidden Profit Potential of the Hotel Breakfast

Hoteliers spend a lot of time training hotel staff and ensuring their property is clean and welcoming. But when it comes to maximizing profits, breakfast can be an overlooked revenue booster.

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