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Bringing the Outdoors Into Your Next Group Event to Elevate the Overall Experience

Never one to overlook the intrinsic benefits of the great outdoors, Omni Hotels & Resorts has elevated its outdoor meeting space to not only meet the needs of groups looking for a next level of comfort and care in regards to COVID-19 protocols, but also to showcase the phenomenal spaces that already existed at Omni branded properties.

The Importance of Clean Guest Data

Data is like gold for hotel marketers — but only if it’s good data. Learn all about how bad data can make your marketing fall flat, and discover our step-by-step process for cleaning up your database.

Nobody Asked Me, But… No. 254: Hotel History: St. Regis Hotel

Hotel History: St. Regis Hotel (550 rooms) : In 1904, Colonel John Jacob Astor broke ground for the building of the St. Regis Hotel at the corner of Fifth Avenue and 55th Street, in the most exclusive residential section of New York at the time.

Innovations for the Future of Senior Living: Hospitality Bridging Health (H2H)

A Pathways Discovery Hospitality Bridging Healthcare (H2H) panel was held at the School of Hotel and Restaurant Management at Northern Arizona University exploring senior living and hotel/hospitality management. Michael Tompkins chaired the expert panel; his background is in both the medical field and hospitality industry. He transitioned from healthcare as a registered nurse manager in long-term care to hospitality with Canyon Ranch Health Resorts as part of their Executive Management team.

Meetings: An Uncertain Future?

People do not resist change, they resist loss. Loss of what is familiar, what they know and what does not frighten them. Losing that creates fear, fear of the unknown, fear of what could be and an unchosen, unseating of a daily norm.

Nutrition for the General Manager, F&B Director and the Chef

Nutrition and Diet are complicated subjects. First, we will speak of well-known research for Hoteliers. While it is important to appeal to restaurant clients, hotel guests and dining room patrons, it is crucial that the food and beverages are tasty as well as nutritious.

Is the Restaurant Franchise Model Dead or Just Napping?

As the pandemic rolls on, it’s time to think again about your F&B, specifically in this case whether to recruit a restaurant franchisor or not. Initially these were a lifesaver for all manner of select service, economy and upscale hotels. You sign a contract with a prominent restaurant franchise; they manage all their own operations while you collect your dues and keep your guests happy. All was well, except then the model stagnated. Why?

Will Hotel Food and Beverage Services Fundamentally Change Post-Pandemic?

Local and state mandates regarding the operation of restaurants during the pandemic hit the hotel industry hard. Was the hit hard enough to force permanent changes to how hotels deliver food and beverage service? Could such changes fundamentally alter the hotel industry as currently segmented? How will hotel guests react to these changes?

Events after COVID-19: Is it all Zoom from here?

Over the past year and a half, many of us have reached a point of exhaustion when it comes to technology - we’re all sick of holding meetings with people’s foreheads or being Zoom-bombed by a partner, child, or pet. However, virtual communication and events have become an intrinsic part of our reality that we cannot do away with looking forward.

Amadeus Data Alert: Labor Day Holiday Travel Indicates Steady Hotel Occupancy

The traditional summer travel season is winding down in the US, but a look ahead to Labor Day reveals a steady interest in time off and exploration. Amadeus, a global leader in travel technology, with its unique ability to track forward-looking, on-the-books hotel occupancy in major markets around the world, cites the leading markets for Labor Day travel. All top 10 markets currently exceed 55% occupancy two weeks prior to the holiday.

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