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3 Ideas to Capitalize on the Boom in Food Tourism

As summer ends, the F&B business of many hotels can take a hit during the off-season. It is great to see that hotel F&B has seen a 5.5% annual growth each year since 2011, however, hoteliers are constantly trying to find new ways to gain momentum in their F&B efforts. Whether this is accomplished through more robust marketing plans, implementing new technologies on property, working with local companies, travel influencers, or restructuring their entire F&B program, hoteliers are always looking to improve the guest experience through their F&B services and offerings.

How turning down an RFP can still bring in business

In 2020, Groups360 conducted an extensive double-blind research study on the needs and preferences of event professionals. One of the most common frustrations among meeting planners was the lack of timely responses to their RFPs.

In Vino Veritas C: The Future of Wine

As 3D printing technologies gain scale and maturity, we’re starting to see accurate recreations of foods such as pizzas, chocolate chip cookies and even steaks from lab-grown meat tissue be made from these machines. Will there come a day when something as intricate as a specific wine vintage can also be produced from such a device?

How Hotels Can Elevate Group Meetings and Events Into Memorable Experiences

The revenge travel craze that generated a spike in individual and business trips has finally made it to group meetings.

Bridging the tech gap…a dream come true!

Yes, yes, yes the contemporary tech systems the hospitality industry has been waiting for are available now and offer incredible open-ended solutions...ready for implementation.

The Return of Meetings & Events: Better and More Meaningful Than Ever

The COVID-19 pandemic brought the meetings and events industry to an abrupt halt in early 2020, leaving in-person conferences, trade shows, and corporate gatherings canceled or postponed indefinitely. Now, as restrictions have eased, meetings and events are resurging at a fast pace; however, they look slightly different.

6 Marketing Tactics to Boost Revenue at Your Hotel Restaurant

As a hotel general manager and restaurant owner, driving revenue growth for your establishment is an important priority.

Why hotels should reply to every RFP

If you’re a hotelier, you know how important group business is to the bottom line. You need to fill your rooms and space regularly and profitably with the best pieces of business.

The Future of Corporate Travel

As we navigate the complexities of a post-pandemic world, one question looms large: What is the future of corporate travel? I brought this question to discuss at the HSMAI Sales Advisory Board.

What opportunities do you see for the foodservice industry in 2024?

Skift Research releases the State of Travel 2023 report. It shows the current state of the industry and points out the key consumer trends, among others. Drawing from those insights, we can identify new opportunities for the foodservice industry.

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