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Reinventing your hotel’s revenue & channel strategy? From revenue management courses to tech considerations, you’ve come to the right place.

Revolutionizing the Guest Journey: Purchasing Experience

An effective hospitality technology stack should focus on the following seven (7) core areas of the guest journey while delivering a “data process flow” to facilitate the required operational capabilities that aligns with the hospitality provider’s desired guest experience with consideration for future requirements:

3 reasons why hoteliers need a CDP that’s built for our industry

Let’s face it: technology investments can be expensive. That’s why it’s so important for hoteliers to make sure you choose partners that will ultimately increase your bottom line and advance your mission to create amazing guest experiences.

AI and Human Input: Hospitality Leader Andrew Rubinacci’s Shares His Recipe for Revenue Management Success

When I asked Andrew Rubinacci to describe the early days of his illustrious hospitality career, his answer was one you might not expect—“I was a guinea pig,” he’ll say with a smile. “I was, quite literally, the first revenue manager at InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG).”

Maximizing Return on Experience (ROE) Through Data-Driven Marketing

Many hotels collect guest data with the guest’s permission but how many truly use it effectively?

Want to make a positive impact on your resort’s guest experience? Introduce a digital map

There’s a saying about maps: “You can’t use an old map to explore a new world.” And the current hotels and resorts space is a new world. 21% of hoteliers said that the most important near-term goal of technology is transforming business processes and operating models. Technology is finding its way into every stage of the guest journey, and younger generations of guests have high expectations for their visit.

The art of asking questions in EHL Train The Trainer programs

The artistry of questioning resides in the ability to inquire, provoke thought, and stimulate meaningful conversations. Asking the right questions is a skill that goes beyond simple information gathering; it involves finesse, empathy, and a deep understanding of the context.

Why getting luxury right means blending instinct with data

A key challenge of luxury hospitality is living up to the demands of the guests. They are, rightfully, discerning. To retain loyalty in a booming, competitive market, businesses need to ensure they are providing the perfect service. This means designing every detail, no matter how small, to reflect the guest’s desires.

What is my teaching style? Ways to improve as a teacher

Where to begin when evaluating the effectiveness of a course and its teacher? What criteria to follow if a teacher wants to improve their delivery style and program objectives? In this article, Dr Sebastien Fernandez, EHL Associate Professor of Organizational Behavior, looks at how the art of teaching can be enhanced by understanding one’s teaching ‘signature’, i.e., a teaching style or personality that can be broken down into measurable compartments so that both teachers and students are better equipped for evaluations upon which improvement and progress depends.

Navigating AI in Hospitality: Addressing Common Concerns and Ethical Challenges to Elevate the Guest Experience

In an era where artificial intelligence (AI) is reshaping industries, the hospitality sector stands at the forefront of a profound transformation. As hoteliers, embracing AI may initially spark a mix of curiosity and caution. Questions about the integration of AI within the deeply human-centric realm of hospitality are not just expected—they are essential. These inquiries reflect a dedication to preserving the warmth and personal touch that defines our industry while exploring new technological frontiers.

Lessons from Eurovision: what can hospitality learn from a song contest?

A man in a giant hamster wheel. A monster playing guitar. Six grandmas dancing around an oven. If you’re unfamiliar with Eurovision, you’d be forgiven for thinking I’m losing my mind. But these wildly different scenes really did happen, and they have something in common: they’re all lessons in great hospitality.

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