Finance, Op Planning & Forecasting

Planning for the future of your hotel business has never been more challenging or vital. Delve into key insights and resources for smarter forecasting.

The Digital Transformation of Hospitality: Why the Right Technology is the Bedrock of Great Guest Service

What is the bedrock of great service? This is a question that any service provider should be well equipped to answer, but there is, perhaps, no industry more deeply rooted in the art of service than hospitality. Hotel and travel brands are, after all, in the business of experience; specifically, experience as a service, and today’s guest expects best-in-class service at every turn. So, let me ask you again, hoteliers: what is the bedrock of great guest service? The answer, if you ask me, is quite simple: technology.

China outbound travel demand towards 2030

Rapid growth in Chinese outbound travel demand from 2003 onwards was a key driver for tourism and leisure hospitality in many parts of the world. Can this momentum be regained post-COVID to drive more hotel development?


The countdown has begun as we approach our big relaunch of GHA DISCOVERY in early December! Though there is a multitude of changes across the programme, the most considerable enhancement is our new reward offering – DISCOVERY Dollars (D$) – the first of its kind digital rewards currency, which is accepted as a payment method for pretty much everything across our hotels.

Hospitality Financial Leadership – Top 10 List for Controlling Labor Costs

Managing labor costs is a never-ending battle in any hotel. No wonder it adds up to on average 50 percent of the total revenue in hotels around the world. To say labor cost is important is an understatement so in this piece, I will highlight the key controls and features to make sure you are on the right track with this all-important aspect of hospitality.

Why Microservices are the Future for Hotel and Travel Technology

It’s often said that the only constant in the technology industry is change. As businesses and industries evolve and adapt to user demands, the software that powers their internal and external processes must also evolve. Microservices are one of the architectural trends which more and more organizations are adopting. Many enterprise companies like Netflix, Amazon, PayPal, Uber, Airbnb, and essentially every other digital business have moved away from monolithic architectures and migrated over to this microservice approach.

Nobody Asked Me, But…. No. 257: Hotel History: El Tovar & Hopi Gift Shop

One hundred and sixteen years ago, two architectural jewels opened in the Grand Canyon National Park: the 95-room El Tovar Hotel and the adjacent Hopi House Gift Shop. Both reflected the foresight and entrepreneurship of Frederick Henry Harvey whose business ventures included restaurants, hotels, railroad dining cars, gift shops and newsstands.

Six trends that will shake up the travel space in 2022

Personally, I hope the future holds at least one sunny holiday for me and my family on the beautiful beaches of Sarasota, Florida—our favorite vacation spot—and I know I’m not alone. The last two years have been a roller-coaster for most people around the world. With vaccines and digital health passports now making the rounds, we can finally begin looking forward to new adventures, both near and far.

Himmat Anand launches India’s first Ehotel in a Shipping Container!

About 18 years back I was visiting a very dear friend in Perth, Australia - Joyce P. Westrip. She is an acclaimed author, a Year 2000 Order of Australia Medal (OAM) awardee, a veritable Indophile and an unofficial ambassador for diverse arts and cultures, including being a patron and benefactor of several significant cultural bodies.

A time for heroes: why now is the moment for hospitality asset managers to step into the spotlight

Jonathan Humphries is a hospitality consultant and also heads the International Hotel Development and Finance Bachelor’s degree specialization at Glion Institute of Higher Education. He argues that in a fragmented, post-Covid commercial landscape the hotels which thrive will do so through constant reinvention and total flexibility in their approach to market. And who sits at the center of delivering this ‘agile state’? The asset manager.

Hospitality Financial Leadership - The ROI for Financial Leadership Skills

When it comes to investing in oneself many times people overlook the outcome and instead concentrate on the up-front cost. When we look at the opportunity to improve our own personal prosperity, we need to see the full picture. We need to realize in life we have a window that opens and closes on our career and its fortunes. It reminds me of a line from Shakespeare:

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