Finance, Op Planning & Forecasting

Planning for the future of your hotel business has never been more challenging or vital. Delve into key insights and resources for smarter forecasting.

Hospitality Financial Leadership – How to Prepare a 5-Year Proforma

Preparing a five-year financial plan for your hotel might sound daunting, but it is all in your head. Let’s lay it out. You are either dreaming about a business that does not exist yet and you need a plan, or you are up and running and you want to look into the future and pave a path forward. Either way you need to same tools.

Using Data to Make Sense of a Dynamic Forecasting Environment

Hopefully by this time you’ve wrapped up another challenging budgeting process for the year ahead, and although there are likely a lot of unanswered questions and variables remaining, it’s time for the team to turn to the ongoing forecasting process.

Valuing Hotels Amid Rising Capital Market Costs: A Case Study

The capital markets have experienced a signficant shift in the past six months, and financing for hotel projects is both less available and more expensive than it was in the first half of 2022. Driven by successive increases in the federal funds rate, interest rates have risen and are now typically in the 6% to 8% range, depending on the asset and market. At the same time, concerns related to a potential recession and the impact of inflation on operating costs and consumer spending have induced a layer of caution about the near-term outlook for the industry. As a result, loan-to-value ratios have declined and amortization periods shortened, reflecting the market’s perception of elevated risk in the near term. These factors have combined to make current mortgage capital relatively expensive compared to both recent levels and long-term norms.

How online travel platforms transform consumer choice into jobs and growth

At, we have a set of values that aren’t simply posters on the walls, but anchors that guide our thinking every day and ground our decision-making processes. One of them is to learn forever.

Fresh ideas for surviving future crises in the hotel business

The World Café was held at EHL Hospitality Business School in July 2022. The event was an opportunity to exchange ideas on the impact of past crises and future preparedness, with 50 hospitality industry practitioners, researchers and economists from Western Switzerland. It was led by Professors Emmanuel Fragniere, Roland Schegg (HES-SO Valais-Wallis), Stefano Borzillo and Augusto Hasman (EHL Hospitality Business School). In this article we present the insider highlights and fresh ideas for surviving any future crises.

What are the top 5 innovations in hotels and hospitality? Our roundup of future trends

This month a new Expo representing innovation in the hotel and hospitality industry took place in London.

The Changing Face of Third-Party Management Companies

Let’s face it. These days, most third-party management companies have fallen into a predictably corporate (boring) “operating system.” With universal protocols and rules, there isn’t much room for diversity in how hotels within a portfolio are operated – or a clear understanding of each individual property’s vision in its unique marketplace.

The 2023 Annual Budget - A Captivating Story of Intrigue and Suspense

As summer tumbles into fall, hotel asset managers are challenged with reviewing and approving annual budgets. As they analyze page after page of next year’s proposed budgets from their management companies with input from all facets of hotel operations — from housekeeping and F&B to maintenance and marketing — hotel and resort asset managers ought to look beyond the spreadsheets and revenue projections before concluding whether they have a best-seller on their hands.

The Benefits and Importance of Budgeting and Forecasting

Budgeting and forecasting (B&F) in the hospitality industry is critical to determine, formulate, and align short-term and long-term goals for an organization. This detailed process is typically managed by a company’s finance department under the Chief Financial Officer’s (CFO) guidance. During the B&F process, businesses will outline their financial direction, create a model of expectations for the next three to five years, allocate resources accordingly, and create a proper financial strategy to benefit the company.

Hotel Data Strategy: The First Step is Admitting There’s a Problem

To best understand where the hospitality industry stands in terms of its adoption of digital tools and cloud-based solutions, it’s important to step back and look quickly at the big picture.

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