Finance, Op Planning & Forecasting

Planning for the future of your hotel business has never been more challenging or vital. Delve into key insights and resources for smarter forecasting.

Hotel Sustainability in the Spotlight on Earth Day

Smart hospitality companies today are prioritizing sustainability, leaning in on optimizing resources and eliminating waste to building a better future. A sustainable hotel takes care of the planet by consuming fewer resources and avoiding toxic waste.

Shaping Hospitality’s Future with Niko Karstikko, CEO and Co-Founder of Bob W.

Niko Karstikko is the CEO and Co-Founder of Bob W., an innovative affordable luxury hospitality brand. They combine the best of the hotel experience – the guarantee of high standards and professionalism – with the best of short stays, providing authentic local knowledge and fully kitted-out apartments.

Recline and unwind on a members-only holiday

In 2024, the annual pilgrimage to the beach marks a sacred period in Brits’ calendars.

Shaping Hospitality’s Future with Dimitri Manikis of Wyndham Hotels

Dimitris Manikis is the President of Wyndham Hotels and Resorts for Europe, Middle East, Eurasia and Africa. Wyndham is the world’s biggest franchise with 25 brands across 9,200 hotels in 95 countries. Dimitris’ region includes around 650 hotels in 45 countries.

Will AI Replace Hotel Revenue Managers? Answering the Million Dollar Question

Never in human history have we had access to as much data as we do today. In recent years, the tools and strategies we use to process and understand insights derived from this data have become one of the hottest commodities – and with good reason. Organizations are able to harness the power of data to gain a deeper understanding of their operations, customer behaviors, and market trends, unlocking competitive advantages.

Choosing the right hospitality suite – a changing landscape

Over the last couple of decades, hoteliers have been faced with two main options when upgrading hospitality management software: Acquire new point solutions that address specific challenges or adopt an integrated platform that manages multiple functions in one place. Another factor that hotels now must consider is whether to maintain legacy, on-premise systems or modernize software with the cloud. Tech-forward hoteliers know that moving to the cloud is inevitable to succeed in this competitive industry—it’s just a matter of when and how.

On-the-Go and In-the-Know: Why Mobile Procure-to-Pay is the Key to Gaining a Competitive Advantage in Hospitality

Effective procurement departments have a significant positive impact on hotel performance. To endure persistent industry challenges—such as price volatility, tight profit margins, evolving guest preferences, and labour shortages—hoteliers must fine-tune their procurement operations to ensure greater efficiency, agility, and cost savings.

The Top 10 Cash Controls - Hospitality Financial Leadership

Cash is King. That’s an old expression but it’s also one that still rings true today. Everyone likes cash even if we don’t carry so much with us personally anymore. It’s important to recognize that some people will help themselves to your cash if you let them. That might sound extremely clinical and you’re right it is, but it’s also a fact. The only way to minimize your risk is to have a set of controls in place to keep honest people honest and the less than trusty, on their back foot.

Luxury is growing, and so are we

Luxury hospitality epitomizes excellence in every facet of its operation, striving for unparalleled superiority in design aesthetics, offering incomparably attentive service, presenting the most exquisite culinary delights, and providing an exceptionally rejuvenating spa experience.

10 Must-Have Features to Look for in E-Procurement Software for Hotels

In recent years, hoteliers have entered a period of unexpected disruptions. To address these changes, leading chains and independent operators are looking to integrate modern technologies into their operations and guest offerings. According to Deloitte, over half of hoteliers expect automation to improve their bottom lines as well as guest experiences.

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