Finance, Op Planning & Forecasting

Planning for the future of your hotel business has never been more challenging or vital. Delve into key insights and resources for smarter forecasting.

Watch Your Portion Size: How To Control Your Food and Beverage

A hotel’s food and beverage offerings can be one of the most difficult areas of the property’s operation to keep control of and, without rigorous oversight, can bleed money and lead to hard-to-explain holes at the end of the month.

What Hotel Brands Don’t Know – The Secret to Creating Great Financial Expertise

What brands don’t know is, they can create great financial bench strength in their hotels and their owners will pay 100% of the cost. Brands also don’t know that they can create this bench strength with resources that are readily available. Lastly, brands don’t know that their non-financial managers are literally dying to get these financial skills and abilities now and they want to apply them.

Hospitality Financial Leadership – Designing Your Financial Reporting System – A Wake-Up Call

Having a financial system that produces regularly scheduled information about your hotel and the direction it is going is paramount to your survival. Without this regular reporting, you are really flying by the seat of your pants. But what exactly do you need to be looking at and who produces it and when?

Asset Managers – Specialists Only Please

’Jack of all trades, master of none’ is an English idiom which dates from Elizabethan times, when it was once used to describe Shakespeare. It is not a complement, so next time you’re looking for something flattering to say about your boss, don’t be tempted.

Nobody Asked Me, But… No. 269 Hotel History: Paso Robles Inn (1891)

For centuries, the local Salinan Indian tribe enjoyed the hot mineral water that bubbled up in what is now the center of Paso Robles. They named it “Heaven’s Spot” because of the curative powers of the sulphur springs. When the Franciscan padres arrived, the tribes’ population was greatly reduced in just four generations. The Spanish colonial government intended for their California missions to be temporary institutions which they mistakenly thought would quickly convert the Indians to Catholicism and teach them Spanish and farming methods.

When Big Data Kicks in, is Excel Still Needed in Hotel Asset Management?

Learn more about the pros and cons that come with both IT software and traditional spreadsheets.

3 growth hacking techniques any hotel can use

Traditional marketing is akin to throwing bottles in an ocean of information, hoping that people will receive the message inside, find it attractive and place an order for more bottles. In other words, traditional marketing is a highly uncertain activity, which can rapidly become an expensive endeavour.

What is Same-Day-Pay and Is It Here to Stay?

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could get paid daily for the number of hours you work, or if you could find a simple way to attract talent as an employer? Here’s something funny – you can! Recently, companies have adapted to same-day-pay to help attract employees so their employees can instantly reap the reward of their hard work instead of waiting on the average bi-weekly or monthly check distribution.

Revealed: Breakthrough Wearables Revolutionizing the Hospitality and Travel Industry

The ultimate leisure-travel state of bliss: it is at the top of every current traveler’s wish-list following two long years of the coronavirus pandemic. With pent-up demand for vacation travel at an all-time high, now is the time for hospitality leaders to focus on winning travelers’ trust and loyalty by creating a holistic approach to joyful journeys. Whether booking an exotic vacation to a far-flung, sun-splashed destination or visiting family across the country after periods of mandatory isolation, travelers are hitting the roads, the air, and the sea in record numbers to reconnect, rejuvenate and recuperate after a very stressful period in our collective lives.

The Buzz About BirchStreet: Interview With Tech Visionary and BirchStreet CEO Brendan Reidy

Within hospitality, it’s common for tenured leaders to wear many hats and champion new territory as they continuously cultivate and share their industry expertise. Brendan Reidy, BirchStreet Systems Executive Chairman, is certainly no exception to this rule, as the seasoned hospitality technology executive has now taken on the additional role of BirchStreet CEO. As an industry veteran myself, I was delighted to have the opportunity to chat with Reidy about his journey up until this point, his view of the current hospitality landscape, and the exciting evolution of BirchStreet Systems.

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