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Redefining Trust in Digital Key Solutions

The hospitality industry is currently undergoing a revolution, leaving behind traditional methods for a digital approach. Digital key technology stands at the forefront of this change, offering guests unprecedented convenience. Yet, in the rush to embrace the future, one vital component has often been overlooked: reliability. In an industry where guest safety and satisfaction are paramount, a reliable digital key solution is not an option—it’s essential. OpenKey has positioned itself not just as another solution in this space but as the gold standard in reliability for digital key solutions. As OpenKey takes the lead, it prompts us to consider: what are the challenges when shifting from traditional keycards to digital keys?

Progressing the Travel Booking Experience by Going Back to the Basics

Back when a real-life travel agent was involved, trip planning had a personal, human touch. These seasoned experts tailored recommendations based on your specific needs as opposed to the masses. However, with the rise of social media and online booking platforms in recent decades, the process of travel planning has become fragmented and largely impersonal. Even as companies recognize the gaps in booking that extend beyond mere transactions, I’ve noticed there are still many moments where that personal, human element can be intentionally integrated to enhance a traveler’s entire experience.

Why You Shouldn’t Yell at Customer Service Agents – And More

Someone asked me a question: Sometimes I’m so frustrated when I call a company’s customer service number. I try to be nice, but that doesn’t always work. What do you think if I yell at them?

How Hotels Can Elevate Group Meetings and Events Into Memorable Experiences

The revenge travel craze that generated a spike in individual and business trips has finally made it to group meetings.

Bridging the tech gap…a dream come true!

Yes, yes, yes the contemporary tech systems the hospitality industry has been waiting for are available now and offer incredible open-ended solutions...ready for implementation.

Top questions I get asked as an EHL ambassador

As a Student Ambassador, applicants, and prospective students often come to me with a series of questions that show the same main concerns. In this article, I want you to have direct access to the most frequently asked questions, so you don’t waste any time and help you make the best choice for you when selecting a bachelor’s degree program or college to study at for the next phase of your education.

Playing to Win in Customer Service

One of the more enjoyable activities in my life is playing hockey. When I’m in town – not out speaking at conferences – I lace up the skates several times a week to play in a friendly hockey game. In close games, when my team is up by one or two goals, I remember my school days when our coaches encouraged us to continue playing to score, even when we were winning, versus switching to more defensive play to prevent the other team from scoring.

The Disappointment Tax: Profits Can Pivot on Social Reviews

In the world before the Internet, the ramifications of disappointing a guest were more contained than they are in modern times.

Drinking Games, Garfield and the Future of AI

I literally can’t turn on my computer anymore without another pop-up company, telling me they’re going to ‘revolutionize the travel planning ecosystem with deeply integrated generative AI architecture’. What they actually mean is that they’re going to clumsily write “how to organize trip to miami” into ChatGPT’s API, and then present the result on screen. Truly revolutionary!

Everything You Need to Know About Artificial Intelligence in Hotel Technology

The hotel industry has gone through an extensive digitization process leading to loads of data just piling up. But artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) are changing all that. AI is today integrating with the technology used by the hospitality industry to help hotel owners assess their data, deliver positive results, and impact guest relationships.

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