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Lobby Renovations Are an Irrational Expense Yet Essential for the Guest Experience

Summary: As the place where first impressions are codified by guests, the lobby experience must be strong. Thinking broader, a great lobby also contributes to a hotel’s overall reason to visit which in turn supports occupancies and higher nightly rates. Moreover, a vibrant lobby is a space where visitors will want to linger, resulting in greater food and beverage sales.

AI For Hotels: Top Ways to Incorporate Artificial Intelligence in Your Operations

AI for hotels is not just a trend – it’s revolutionary for hospitality. Integrating Artificial Intelligence (AI) for hotels marks a significant leap towards enhanced efficiency, personalized guest experiences, and streamlined management. Let’s explore the top ways hotels can incorporate AI, which is not just an upgrade, but a complete game-changer.

The Critical Role of Leadership in Championing Guest Service in the Hospitality Industry

In the last several weeks, I’ve been chatting with many people about the hotel industry’s continued decline in guest service. The consensus seems to be that the downturn is due to factors such as the need for passionate hospitality workers, insufficient training initiatives for frontline employees, and the fact that, in some instances, management is more focused on data than on developing a culture of excellent service.

Building a Must-Experience Hotel Restaurant That Builds Loyalty and Drives Revenue

In the dynamic realm of hospitality, the role of a hotel restaurant extends far beyond just being a convenience for guests; it is a pivotal touchpoint in the guest journey, a significant driver of revenue, and an opportunity for profound engagement with both local and visiting patrons. The transformation of a hotel restaurant into a destination in its own right, hinges on a strategic blend of culinary excellence, ambiance, marketing acumen, and operational efficiency. This synergy is not merely about serving food but about crafting an experience that resonates deeply with guests and locals alike.

Three Customer Service and CX Metrics Every Employee Needs to Understand

Many of you who read my articles or watch my videos may not have jobs related to customer service or CX measurement, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t pay attention to what I’m about to share. I recently wrote an article that included 14 customer service and CX metrics that CX leaders should consider, and today, I’m going to cover three of them that anyone who has any interaction with a customer, whether in sales, support or just might happen to answer a customer’s call, should pay attention to. So, let’s jump into them:

From Fear to Opportunity: The Strategic Shift in Hotel Automation

In the fast-paced world of the hotel industry, automation has emerged as both a lighthouse of efficiency and a source of apprehension. While the benefits of automation in streamlining operations and enhancing guest experiences are widely acknowledged, fears surrounding its implementation and impact on the workforce often hold hoteliers back. This article aims to offer a new perspective on automation, addressing common concerns and highlighting the strategic advantages it brings to the hospitality sector.

Reducing Procurement Fraud Risk in Hospitality With Procure-to-Pay Automation

When it comes to fraud risk, one area of particular concern is procurement. In recent years, hotels have faced myriad challenges, including supply chain disruptions, economic volatility, and labour shortages. As travel volumes rebound, many hotels are concentrated on meeting evolving consumer expectations while ensuring financial stability. This focus means that many hotels are lacking in their procurement due diligence, creating lucrative opportunities for fraudsters. It’s estimated that hotels lose between 5% and 6% of their annual revenue due to fraud.

Going back to school with success: 22 tips for adult learners

Embarking on the journey of going back to school as an adult is a mission filled with purpose and determination. It’s a venture that holds the promise of personal and professional growth, but it also comes with its unique set of challenges. In this dedicated guide, we will provide you with a treasure of tips and strategies meticulously tailored to ensure your success as an adult learner.

Is Branditization of the Hospitality Industry inevitable?

Recently, both Hilton and Marriott announced their 2023 financial results. Good news all around. What peaked my interest was the pipeline (contracted and under development hotel rooms) for each hotel chain: 3,270 properties with 462,400 rooms for Hilton and 536,000 rooms for Marriott.

SoTL 2024 “I am not a chatbot: SoTL meets technology”

The purpose of SoTL events is to understand, improve, and share teaching and learning practices across disciplines and schools to prepare a new generation of lifelong learners. The 6th annual international Scholarship of Teaching and Learning conference took place at EHL Hospitality Business School, Lausanne, on February 1, 2024. This year’s theme revolved around the significant role that technology has taken and will continue to take in education, and particularly in Higher Education Institutions (HEIs), and its relevance in HEI community, innovation, teaching, and learning. After three years of blended SoTL conferences, this year, participants were back on site! From the welcome coffee through the closing apero, the buzz of the participants and the enthusiasm that they exuded was contagious.

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