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Avoid These 3 Guest Online Experience Mistakes Holding Back Your Direct Bookings!

Not all guests get guidance from travel agents when booking a hotel. For them, the online experience is particularly important as it represents the main aspect of their booking decision. During this process, everything potential guests see online is important because, at that point, they are assessing whether or not you are the ideal hotel for their stay. This can be explained by the hotel sentiment score, which measures on a 100% scale how positively your hotel is perceived by potential guests. A study by the Texas Christian University and the University of South Carolina found that a 1% improvement in a hotel’s sentiment score could lead to a 0.38% increase in bookings. Therefore, to maximize your hotel’s sentiment score which will increase direct bookings, here are three guest online experience mistakes you should avoid:

Win the Customer, Not the Argument

In a confrontation with a customer, you have a goal: win the customer, not the argument. I’ve written about this before, and it’s worth coming back to this topic from another angle with a different example.

A comprehensive guide to the hotel customer data platform

At the risk of stating the obvious, hoteliers are in business to make money. But the foundation of the business is offering your guests a positive experience in exchange. A significant portion of your efforts to bring in more revenue hinge on understanding what your guests are looking for and finding the most efficient way to offer it to them.

Levering Cinematic Success with Fairmont The Queen Elizabeth’s Barbie Adventure

Fairmont’s ambitious Beyond Limits campaign embodies the essence of this luxury brand’s recognition that accommodations are infinitely more than comfortable beds. The brand-wide campaign epitomizes one of the tenets of the Mille Club, a program we (Hotel Mogel) run designed to inspire any hotelier with lessons from the five-star, thousand-dollar-plus-ADR hotspots around the globe. In short, this timeless tenet is guests want unique experiences.

Hotel Market Report: Asia’s Path Forward in 2024

Earlier this week I was talking to a regional commercial head of Asia for one of the world’s largest hotel chains and the view forward into 2024 is one of concern, to say the least.

HSMAI Perspectives: Demystifying AI: Insights from Curate 2023

Curate Executive Insight Forum is an exclusive benefit of HSMAI Organizational Members – to get together with other executives, collaborate and learn about the most pressing topics in our industry. In early November in Long Beach, CA, over 70 industry leaders gathered for Curate 2023 on Demystifying AI, a topic increasingly central to our industry’s future. In this newsletter, we want to share some of the take aways from the mind-bending day of Curate for all Organizational Members who receive Executive Insights.

Market trend: Refining SEM strategies for full-funnel marketing

The hospitality industry saw unprecedented travel demand in 2022. Pent-up desire to get out of the house and escape the same 10-person circle incited the masses to jump on planes to anywhere outside their 50-mile radius.

Maximizing revenue in serviced apartments: key trends and tips for success

Serviced apartments are at the forefront of hospitality’s evolution. The traditional boundaries between short and long stays are blurring, fueled by changing guest preferences and advancements in technology. In this article, we’ll delve into key trends shaping the serviced apartment sector and provide actionable tips to help property managers maximize revenue.

Transforming Failure Into Success: a Digital Marketing Case Study for Hotel Bookings

In this case study, we dive into the journey of a Hotel Management company located in the US that faced initial setbacks with their Facebook Ads efforts and how a strategic and complex approach led to remarkable success in driving bookings for their Branded Hotel.

Shining in Today’s New Normal: Key Takeaways from CHICOS 2023

The 2023 edition of the Caribbean Hotel Investment Conference & Operations Summit (CHICOS) brought over 300 attendees to the Westin Beach Resort & Spa St. Thomas, USVI, for several days of networking and industry insights from key stakeholders in the region. This article provides k

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