Kalibri Labs

Kalibri Labs

Kalibri Labs evaluates and predicts revenue performance in the digital marketplace with its patent-pending, next-generation hotel benchmarking platform and reports.

The Kalibri Labs database is comprised of guest folio records, including cost of sales and source of business information, from almost 35,000 hotels dating back more than 7 years and updated weekly to give an expansive view of the U.S. hotel industry.

Kalibri’s hotel benchmarking platform enables owners and operators to determine a hotel’s Optimal Business Mix and manage resources to achieve it. In combination with key external data streams such as future rates and consumer review data, Kalibri Labs further characterizes the nature of demand in major markets to provide context for hotel operators to improve their performance. This data also provides insights for the real estate investment community to better understand opportunities for hotel transactions, lending and development efforts.

Revenue Management & Channel Optimization

How will Revenue Strategy improve the health of the hotel industry?


Jennifer Hill
VP, Client Solutions
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